Piranhas the king of freshwater predatory fish
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I have had my red bellys piranhas for 9 months and we've been through moving tanks and all sorts of stuff. And I agree with the person who said they are the easiest fish to maintain. They're hardy fish and can endure water changes very well and mine hardly ever got sick.Piranha are not at all the vicious fish they've been made out to be. It's unfortunate that people think they'll kill anything in the water because many people will starve piranha in the home aquarium to see them go into a furious feeding frenzy. In reality, piranha are more of a parasite than a predator.These fish should be kept alone or with few others like it.The aquariums to be kept 500L and plus.In smallest tank they killed because the tank size was to small. I'can't have my piranhas for longer time because my tank to living for 9 months its only 100L.First month its only 2cm,and the month to give theres its 7cm...:(
I strongly recommend to anyone who has a larger tank and wants should be kept alone....

My 100L tank and my red bellys in sept-2002
the size its 3cm
My 100L tank and my red bellys in mars-2003 photo1
The size its 6cm..



nattereri,Red BellyPiranha

Size:30 cm

This is a great smile!!