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Welcome To My Home Page

Hello welcome to my page. I am guessing that you are here because you like fish. I have been keeping tropical fish for almost 3 years. So I decided to make this page to give some info on some of my favorite fish and my tanks


The keeping of ornamental fish is an enjoyable pastime for millions of people throughout the world. The origin of fish-keeping dates back to antiquity. The concept of modern aquarium keeping had it's first origins in Germany & England & quickly spread throughout the world. In Japan, the most popular form of fish keeping is an outdoor koi (colored carp) pond. In the United Kingdom, the most common form of fish keeping is an idyllic garden pond, and in the United States, now the world's most developed market in terms of households maintaining an aquarium, the maintenance of exotic fish is proving increasingly popular. In Central Europe, Germany, & Holland, an emphasis on live plants-in some cases dominant over fish-makes an aquarium a truly lovely showpiece in any home


I welcome any and all questions and comments regarding aquariums, fish and related information.

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